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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Melachim I Chapter 1- 13 Tammuz (Sunday July 9)

Melachim I - Chapter 1 with Rashi (English)

“The Haftorah of "Chaye Sora" should have started with the matter of succession but there is the funny story of the "Shunamith" the unknown girl who was chosen as a companion to David in his final years. Why should we be informed of the strange story of the "Shunamith"? What is the significance?
The people supported Adoniyahu! The whole Tribe of Yehuda supported Adoniyahu. This is how David became King because he was supported by the people of Yehuda. Shlomo only had Noson the prophet and the security guard -- and for Adoniyahu it was tantamount to Coronation. They would have proclaimed him King on the spot and it would be the end of the contest. Their policy was simple! They knew that David wouldn’t support Adoniyahu and so they tried to isolate David -- that no one should approach him. He knew nothing of it and only found out when BasSheva came in to him at the advice of the Prophet. They declared David sick, not to be disturbed. The girl (Shunamith) ministered to him and was instructed none should enter. The inner clique hired her just for this purpose. Thus, Adoniyahu will be Melech (King).
But they made a mistake about her. If she kept out Bassheva, Adoniyahu would be king. The miracle was that she admitted BasSheva. The entire turn of events was due to this strange girl; she kept out the others and let in BasSheva and it determined the Kingdom. Adoniyahu was a warrior and Shlomo was a "Chochom" -- scholar but not warrior. David took the advice of Noson and Bassheva. Adoniyahu lost -- Shlomo won. Interestingly, we find another great woman called "Shunamith" -- at the time of Elisha the Prophet. Thus, "Shunamith" was the "Sheliach", the messenger of the Al-mighty.” – transcribed from R’ Soloveitchik zt’l at


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