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A worldwide project aimed at developing beki'ut in Tanach, inspired by, and as zechut for, R' Avraham Norin (Avraham Dov ben Golda)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Melachim I Chapter 6 - 18 Tammuz- Fridday July 14

Melachim I - Chapter 6 with Rashi (English)
Picture of the inside of the first Temple, including the multiple Menoros

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Melachim I Chapter 5- Shiva Asar beTammuz (Thursday July 13)

Melachim I - Chapter 5

Melachim I Chapter 4 - 16 Tammuz- (Wednesday July 12)

Melachim I - Chapter 4

Audio of R’ Eric Levy on Chapter 4-5a: Federalism and the military economy

Melachim I Chapter 3 - 15 Tammuz (Tuesday July 11)

Melachim I - Chapter 3 with Rashi (English)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Melachim I Chapter 2 - 14 Tammuz-(Monday July 10)

Melachim I - Chapter 2 with Rashi (English)
· R’ Menachem Leibtag on the final orders of דוד
· Audio of R’ Eric Levy on The line of Tzadok, and Shimi ben Geira dooms himself
· ברזלי הגלעדי ודוד המלך / ד"ר יהודה שפירא
· Rav Medan discusses Yoav's murders
· Yoav's crimes discussed by R’ Moshe Sokolow
· R, Gidon Rothstein on the final orders of דוד
· Sources in Chazal on ShlomoR’ Mordechai Torcyzner on Binayahu ben Yehoyada

Melachim I Chapter 1- 13 Tammuz (Sunday July 9)

Melachim I - Chapter 1 with Rashi (English)

“The Haftorah of "Chaye Sora" should have started with the matter of succession but there is the funny story of the "Shunamith" the unknown girl who was chosen as a companion to David in his final years. Why should we be informed of the strange story of the "Shunamith"? What is the significance?
The people supported Adoniyahu! The whole Tribe of Yehuda supported Adoniyahu. This is how David became King because he was supported by the people of Yehuda. Shlomo only had Noson the prophet and the security guard -- and for Adoniyahu it was tantamount to Coronation. They would have proclaimed him King on the spot and it would be the end of the contest. Their policy was simple! They knew that David wouldn’t support Adoniyahu and so they tried to isolate David -- that no one should approach him. He knew nothing of it and only found out when BasSheva came in to him at the advice of the Prophet. They declared David sick, not to be disturbed. The girl (Shunamith) ministered to him and was instructed none should enter. The inner clique hired her just for this purpose. Thus, Adoniyahu will be Melech (King).
But they made a mistake about her. If she kept out Bassheva, Adoniyahu would be king. The miracle was that she admitted BasSheva. The entire turn of events was due to this strange girl; she kept out the others and let in BasSheva and it determined the Kingdom. Adoniyahu was a warrior and Shlomo was a "Chochom" -- scholar but not warrior. David took the advice of Noson and Bassheva. Adoniyahu lost -- Shlomo won. Interestingly, we find another great woman called "Shunamith" -- at the time of Elisha the Prophet. Thus, "Shunamith" was the "Sheliach", the messenger of the Al-mighty.” – transcribed from R’ Soloveitchik zt’l at

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Schedule for Sefer Melachim

8  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     1
9  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     2
10  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     3
11  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     4
12  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     5
13  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     6
14  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     7
15  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     8
16  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     9
17  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     10
18  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     11
19  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     12
20  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     13
21  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     14
22  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     15
23  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     16
24  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     17
25  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     18
26  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     19
27  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     20
28  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     21
29  July     Melachim Alef Chapter     22
30  July     Melachim Beis Chapter     1
31  July     Melachim Beis Chapter     2
1 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     3
2 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     4
3 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     5
4 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     6
5 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     7
6 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     8
7 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     9
8 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     10
9 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     11
10 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     12
11 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     13
12 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     14
13 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     15
14 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     16
15 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     17
16 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     18
17 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     19
18 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     20
19 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     21
20 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     22
21 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     23
22 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     24
23 August     Melachim Beis Chapter     25

Shmuel II Chapter 24- 12 Tammuz (Shabbos July 8)

Shmuel II - Chapter 24 with Rashi (English)

R’ Amnon Bazak discusses great purchases of land in Eretz Yisrael
R’ Binyamin Tabori discusses census in Halakha
ההסכים ארונה למכור את מקום המקדש? (/ ר מאיר גרוזמן

Hadran Alakh Sefer Shmuel!

Shmuel II Chapter 23- 11 Tammuz - Friday July 7

Shmuel II - Chapter 23 with Rashi (English)

R’ Mordechai Torcyzner on  Binayahu ben Yehoyada
שמואל ב' כג: מלחמות שאול ודוד / ברוך קנאל

Shmuel II Chapter 22- 10 Tammuz (Thursday July 6)

Shmuel II - Chapter 22

This chapter appears (more or less) as Tehillim 18.

In Shmuel, the final pasuk is :
51. He gives great salvation (migdol) to His king, and He performs kindness to His anointed; to David and to his seed, forevermore.

Whereas in tehillim:
51. He gives great salvations (magdil) to His king, and He performs kindness to His anointed; to David and to his seed forever.
In Birkas ha-Mazon, we cite this text, using the Shmuel text on Shabbos and Yom Tov, and Tehillim during the week.

More on the implications of this custom can be found at

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shmuel II Chapter 21- 9 tammuz (Wednesday July 5)

Shmuel II - Chapter 21 with Rashi (English)

R' Yitzchak Adlerstein discusses chilul Hashem and the famine in our chapter

שמואל ב' כא: עיון בפרשת רצפה בת איה / מ. בן ישר

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shmuel II Chapter 20- 8 Tammuz- (Tuesday July 4)

Shmuel II - Chapter 20 with Rashi (English)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Shmuel II Chapter 19- 7 Tammuz- (Monday July 3)

Shmuel II - Chapter 19 with Rashi (English)

Reb Chaim Shmulevitz told that he often would stand by Yad Avshalom and say a tefillah. He was once asked, "Wasn't Avshalom a rasha - a wicked man? Why pray at his graveside?"
He replied, "Contemplate Avshalom - he tried to kill his father; and yet when he died, his father David was brokenhearted and prayed for him. This helps me understand what is meant by a 'father's mercy,' and I'm ready to beseech G-d: 'As a father has mercy on a son, so should G-d have mercy on us!'"”

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Shmuel II Chapter 18- 6 Tammuz- Sunday July 2

Shmuel II - Chapter 18

Shmuel II Chapter 17- 5 Tammuz- (Shabbos July 1)

Shmuel II - Chapter 17

R' Mordechai Torczyner on Achitofel

Shmuel II Chapter 16- 4 Tammuz (Friday June 30)

Shmuel II - Chapter 16

R' Mosheh Lichtenstein examines whteher David was still considered a king in exile, and the ramifications for Shimi
The Ba'al haTanya discusses hashkafic/ethical implications of David's encounter with Shimi