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Friday, June 09, 2006

Shmuel I Chapter 28- 14 Sivan- (Shabbos June 10)

Shmuel I - Chapter 28 with Rashi (English)
The tale of the Witch of Endor is likely the inspiration for the name of Endora, Samantha's mother on the TV series Bewitched. –(from Wikipedia)

Was the witch for real? Read an overview by Mordechai Halperin (in Hebrew) which lays out the classical positions on the issues of magic in Tanach (and our story in particular)
R’ Gidon Rothstein on Chapter  28
R’ Reuven Spolter:
Chapter 28a: Internal ContradictionsSource Sheets  Audio file
Shiur 15: Chapter 28b: Was It Just in His Mind?Source Sheets  Audio file
Audio of R' Steven Pruzansky on "Shaul and the Witch of Ein Dor"
Dr. Yisrael Rozenson on Har Gilboa (Hebrew)
בגדיו של שאול ומעילו של שמואל : שאול בעין דור
Dr. Uriel Simon on Shaul and the Ba'alas Ov (Hebrew)


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