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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shoftim Chapter 19- 13 Iyyar- (Thursday May 11)

Shoftim - Chapter 19 with Rashi (English)

The perek starts of happy with a young man and his concubine couple visiting the in-laws. Despite (because of) the father’s hospitality, the couple decides to travel home. On the journey, night falls, and the couple looks for a place to stops and lodge in the neighborhood of the tribe on Binyamin. Unfortunately, no one offers to let them stay for the night. A man from Ephraim, not from the tribe of Binyamin, warns them not to stay in the street and offers to house them for the night. The men of the neighborhood hear about this hospitality and demand that the host send out the concubine of the guest so they can have their way with her. Ultimately, the mob was successful and the woman is returned in the morning dead. In response, the man cuts up her body into 12 pieces to send a clear message to every tribe about this horrific event.
What story in Bereishit does this even have eerie similarities too. (Check out Bereishit Chapter 19)

(prepared by Rivky Krestt)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the summary mentions that they mob wanted to (and eventually did) abuse the pilegesh. from the perek it looks like they wanted to rape the man (the guest) and only when the older man (the host) urged them not to and sent out the pilegesh, did they abuse her and cause her death. is the summary mistaken - or is there any commentaries that suggest that the pilegesh was wanted from the beginning?

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