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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shoftim Chapter 16- 10 Iyyar (Monday May 8)

Shoftim - Chapter 16
Finally, we arrive at the story that Shimshon is most famous for: his relationship with Delilah. At this point, Shimshon’s strength is clearly identified and he is a legend among the people. Delilah confronts Shimshon and tries to identify the source of his strength. Ultimately, she is successful and Shimshon is capture and tortured by the Pilishtim. Significantly, Shimshon’s strength stems for his long Nazirite locks that highlight his special status as a Godly person. Ironically, the navi spent the last four chapters telling us stories that are not usually associated with a holy existence. Ultimately, in the final hour, Shimshon uses his strength to prove that not every strong person can use his strength to be the savior.
(prepared by Rivky Krestt)

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