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A worldwide project aimed at developing beki'ut in Tanach, inspired by, and as zechut for, R' Avraham Norin (Avraham Dov ben Golda)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Shoftim Chapter 14- 8 Iyyar (Shabbos May 6)

Shoftim - Chapter 14 with Rashi (English)
Continuing the theme of strange characteristics for a leader of Israel, Shimshon grows into an adult and wants to marry a woman of Timna.  His parents are upset; why can’t he marry Jewish?  The navi is careful to point out that this is what Hashem wanted – but on the surface it strikes the reader as rather odd. Shishon’s tale is marked by unusual – take the incident with the lion and the ensuing riddle, or the fact that most of the tale of a shofet takes place within the tribe of the philshtim.
(prepared by Rivky Krestt)


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