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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shoftim Chapter 13 - 7 Iyyar (Friday May 5)

Shoftim - Chapter 13 with Rashi (English)

    Shimshon is the final shofet that is highlighted as an individual. Everything in the Shimshon story is supernatural. His birth is a miracle; the story of the lion is miraculous. His death is powerful and supernatural…
    There are three parts to the story:
    His birth (perek 13)
    Shimshon’s birth is strikingly familiar and strange simultaneously. On one hand, the concept of the barren woman receiving a prophecy about an impending birth reminds us of the birth of Yitzchak, and in the future, Shmuel. On the other hand, the woman – who receives her navuah when her husband is not present - is only identified as the "wife of Manoach." Additionally, her conversation with the messenger requires her to vow that her son will be a Nazir.
    Look up Bamidbar perek 6 to find out why this vow of Nazarite is unusual.


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