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Monday, May 01, 2006

Shoftim Chapter 11- 5 Iyyar Yom haAtzmaut (Wednesday May 3)

Shoftim - Chapter 11 with Rashi (English)
    The story of Yiftach is a transitional point in the sefer. After Gideon and his son, Avimelech, are "dethroned" the leadership qualities of the subsequent shoftim disintegrate. Yiftach is a prime example of this. On one hand, the navi emphasizes that he is a general and a warrior and he was successful in his military campaign. on the other hand, the emphasis that the navi places on his lineage and the sacrificial vow that he took in order to win the war is clearly meant to be disturbing; since when is human sacrifice ok? The navi’s central thesis of proving the need for a Divinely appointed king is clearly highlighted. It is hard not to read the story of Yiftach and not come away from it thinking: how come he did not know better. The answer, of course, is that with a navi and a king that Hashem has chosen he would have known better.

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