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A worldwide project aimed at developing beki'ut in Tanach, inspired by, and as zechut for, R' Avraham Norin (Avraham Dov ben Golda)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shmuel I Chapter 13- 28 Iyyar Yom [cheirus] Yerushalayim- (Friday May 26)

Shmuel I - Chapter 13 with English (Rashi)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today, 28 Iyyar, is, as is well known, the yahrtzeit of Shmuel Hanavi.
The reported kever of Shmuel Hanavi, on the outskirts of Yerushalayim, was visited by many thousands of people today, myself, one of my daughters, and two of my grandchildren amomg them.
I said t'hillim and prayed for the recovery of several ill people, the first of whom was R. Avraham Dov ben Golda.
Zchut haniftar tagen aleynu.
Saul Mashbaum

11:09 AM  

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