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Friday, April 07, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 9 - 9 Nissan (Friday April 7)

Yehoshua - Chapter 9- English text with Rashi

The nations of Canaan form an alliance against Israel.
However, the residents of Giv'on, on hearing of the fates of Jericho and the Ai, conspire to make peace with Israel by sending a delegation posing as travelers from far away. Yehoshua makes a peace pact with them.
Three days later, it becomes clear these people are, in fact, locals. The Jews honor the pact, even though it had been forged in deception, and they are made servants to the Mishkan (tabernacle).

R' Menachem Leibtag on Givonim

Halakhic standing of the treaty by R' Michael J. Broyde

Under what circumstance could peace be made with inhabitants of Canaan? Read R' Moshe Lichtenstein's analysis.
Discussion of the difficult mitzvah of eradicating the nations of Canaan can be found on Lookjed.

Note that there is no mention of a king of Givon,in contradistinction to the other nations (9:1), where we are told that ALLof the kings made common cause against Klal Yisrael.

a.) R' Yitzchak Abravanel suggests that this was a popular rebellion against their king, who was involved in the general Canaanite confederation against Israel.
b.) Perhaps they governed themselves differently, and without a king who had was trying to hold onto power, they were in a position to seek out a modus vivendi with Israel.


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