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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 7- 7 Nissan (Wednesday April 5)

Chapter 7
Yehoshua - Chapter 7- English text with Rashi

Achan, who was from shevet Yehuda (the tribe of Judah), secretly takes from the loot of Yericho. This angers Hashem considerably. Yehoshua sends out men to check out the city of Ai. They report that there is no need for all the troops to go there, but rather two or three thousand men would be sufficient. However, when three thousand troops approach Ai, they are turned back and pursued. Thirty-six of them are killed.
Yehoshua and the elders of Yisrael cry out to Hashem over this calamity. Hashem responds by telling Yehoshua that someone among Yisrael has sinned by taking forbidden loot and hiding it. He tells Yehoshua that He will not be with them to help them win battles until they get rid of the loot. The next day, before all of Yisrael, it is ascertained that Achan is the guilty one. When he admits to harboring the stolen property, it is retrieved, and burned. Achan is given the death penalty.

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag on Chapters 7-8: Achan and Ha'ai
An analysis of Achan's sin and Aleinu

Were Achan's children executed as well? Rashi, Radak, and Ralbag all say that they were not, although R'Yitzchak Abravanel entertains at least the possibility that they were.

Achan's confession seems to have echoes of the confessions of his ancestor Yehuda, and later of his relative Dovid. Is this a "Yehuda theme?


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Good summary. My impression had been that Ai is not a proper name, but rather is simply a shortened form of the word "Ir", referring to some local metropolis, since the Navi always refers to it with the definite article "ha-" in front of it.

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