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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yehoshua chapter 5- 5 Nissan (Monday April 3)

Chapter 5
Yehoshua - Chapter 5- English text with Rashi
1-8:Yehoshua circumcises those who were born in the desert
9-11:The Jews camp in Gilgal, and perform a Korban Pesach (Passover sacrifice)
12:The end of the Man
13-15: Yehoshua encounters an angel-"the commander of G-d's army"

· An audio shi’ur on Yehoshua’s encounter with the angel by
Mrs. Shulamit Cohn. (Sources can be found here.)
· Role of
Korban Pesach in stories in Tanach by R’Yonatan Grossman
· Our Perek sheds light on the definition of when Sefiras haOmer begins in this essay by
R' Yitz Etshalom-part 1, and part 2.
Rabbi Menachem Leibtag on the role of the angel in the battle of Jericho

Meshech Chochma (Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk) writes that there was no obligation of offering the Korban Pesach until the conclusion of the conquest of ERetz Yisrael. However, Korban Pesach also is a symbol of rejection of Avodah Zarah, and hence two Pesachim were offered prior to the conclusion of kibush ve-nachalah, both of which represent part of a national teshuva from an incident of Avodah Zarah: in the second year in the desert, because of chet ha-eigel, and in our perek in atonement for Ba'al Pe'or, which had occurred in the months before.


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Not to start darshening the Nach Yomi schedule (which I made up:), but speaking of Ba'al Peor, todya is after all the Korban of Shlumiel ben Tzurishadai!

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