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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 18- 18 Nissan --Chol haMoed Pesach (Sunday April 16)

Text of Yehoshua 18 with Rashi (English)

The Mishkan (tabernacle) is set up in Shilo. The remaining seven tribes come to Yehoshua, who criticizes them for not having been more active in the settling of their territory. The land is divided by lot.
The territory of Binyamin is detailed.

R' Menachem Leibtag, pointing out amazing siginificance under the semingly mundane description of the territory of Binyamin.
The significance of Shilo (Hebrew)
What is the halakhic nature of the sanctity of Shilo?
Artist's rendering of Mishkan Shilo. Note the stone walls and cloth hangings.

Note: Today is the yahrtzeit of the Rav zt'l, zechuso yagen aleinu.


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