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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 17- 17 Nissan Shabbos Chol haMoed (15 April)

Yehoshua - Chapter 17 with Rashi (English)

The inheritance of the tribe of Menashe is described. The daughters of Tzelofchad  approach Yehoshua and Elazar the Kohen Gadol and ask for the land promised them in the Torah.
As the tribes of Yosef are large, they feel confined in their territory, and Yehoshua suggests that they expand into the forested areas.

(Ironically, the Zionist enterprise is served here by de-forestation! Did Ephraimite Bar Mitzvah boys get certificates that a tree had been cut down in their honor? (
Also, American readers will note the appropriateness of the word le-mas in 17:13 today!)

R' Alex Israel on the process of Nachala and the request for more land
R' Yaakov Medan on the prominence of the tribes of Yehudah and Yosef in the descriptions of the inheritances


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