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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 12- 12 Nissan (Monday April 10)

Yehoshua - Chapter 12- English text with Rashi

This chapter lists the kings conquered by Israel as part of the process of kibush ha-Aretz (conquest of the Land). It begins with Sichon and Og, kings who lived on the eastern banks of the Yarden, who had been defeated by Moshe (underscoring Yehoshua’s role as Moshe’s successor), and then lists the 31 kings defeated by Yehoshu’a.

Where did the 31 kings reside? See R' Yosef Schwartz in the Tevuot haAretz!
Biography of R' Yosef Schwartz
Map of the 31 kings (Hebrew)


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