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Friday, April 07, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 11 - 11 Nissan (Sunday April 9)

Chapter 11
Yehoshua - Chapter 11- English text with Rashi

The Canaanite kings of the north led by Yavin, king of Chatzor, amass a great army to fight Israel, at Mei Merom.
On Hashem’s instructions, Yehoshua attacks first, wins decisively, and destroys their horses and chariots, and we are told briefly of many of the other victories of Yehoshua. It is emphasized that Yehoshua continues to prosecute the conquest of Canaan “as Hashem had commanded Moshe, ” and that Hashem hardened the hearts of the kings of Canaan so as to allow the conquest of Canaan to take place.

R' Menachem Liebtag on Chapters 11-12: Completing the Conquest


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