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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shoftim Chapter 8-2 Iyyar (Sunday April 30)

Shoftim - Chapter 8 with Rashi (English)

In the aftermath of victory, Gidon and his army pursue Zevach and Tzalmuna, kings of Midyan, to the east bank of the Jordan, and appeal for support from the inhabitants of Sukkos and Pnuel, who refuse him.
After defeating Zevach and Tzalmuna, he administered harsh punishemnts to the leaders of Sukkos and Pnuel.
Gidon is offered the criwn, but turns it down. Instead, he collects gold from the spoils, and uses it construct an Eifod, which he leaves in the city of Ofrah, and becomes a snare for Gidon's household (apparently, in some idolatrous sense.)
After Gidon's death, Bnei Yisrael become involved with the worship of Baal.

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