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Monday, April 24, 2006

Shoftim chapter 3- 27 Nissan (Tuesday April 25)

Shoftim - Chapter 3 with Rashi (English)
Three shoftim – and the ensuing cycle – are highlighted in these perek:
  1. Otniel is from shevet Yehuda. He is a transitional “shofet.” Fought with Aram Naharaim. This war is idiosyncratic – the tables are turned Aram comes down to fight them! First he judged Israel and then he went out to war. On one hand the sefer gives some details, on the other it combines the judging with the war.

Points to Ponder on Otniel:

  • Compare to Devarim 25:18 about the attack from

  • Why did Otniel judge before he went out to war?

  • Why is this story so short? To emphasize the start of the cycle?

  • How long did he rule

  • Ehud is from shevet Binyamin. The national nemesis was Eglon. Ehud took initiative! He was chosen to bring an offering and changed it to a rebellion himself.

Important Trivia:

  • Ehud appealed to Eglon’s belief in God!!!

  • Ehud was left handed

  • Ehud invented a double edged sword.

  • Eglon was fat

  • Shamgar.
Not much can be said about Shamgar, other than his length of rule. Anat – can be a male of female name.

Points to Ponder on פרק ג:

Are there any patterns emerging?
How long did each shofet rule?
Which shevet is each shofet from
(prepared by Rivky Krestt)

Audio of R’ Yosef Gavril Bechhofer on Eglon and Ehud: Real Stream/MP3 Download/MP3 Split
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