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Friday, March 31, 2006

Yehoshua Chapter 4- 4 Nissan - (Sunday April 2)

Chapter 4
Yehoshua - Chapter 4- English text with Rashi

Before the Yarden (Jordan) returns to normal, Hashem instructs Yehoshua to have twelve tribal representatives to take one stone each from the river bed and erect them at their new campsite in Eretz Canaan. These stones will serve as permanent monument informing later generations of the splitting of the Yarden.
The nation passes through the Yarden, and then kohanim take the aron out of the riverbed (see Rashi and the Radak for a debate on how this actually happened) , and the river is restored to its former state.
Two ends are accomplished by this miracle: to allow Yehoshua to take on Moshe’s stature in the eyes of Bnei Yisrael (4:14), and to impress Hashem’s power on the nations of the lands (4:23),

R' Yehuda Eisenberg on Yehoshua's monument

It is interesting to note that Navi uses the construct of the child’s question (when your children ask you tomorrow saying, “ what are these stones?”) which may be yet another reinforcement of the many parallels to the Exodus in this re-enactment of the kriyas Yam Suf (splitting of the Red Sea).

On a speculative note, one might suggest that this represents a fifth son to complement the four times in Chumash we are told on sons asking about Yetzias Mitzrayim and its attendant rituals. Click here to read more about the fifth son of Sefer Yehoshua.


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